Bulk SMS Reseller

The individual or Company who sells or uses the Rhizo SMS Service under its own brand name is a Reseller. It is basically a contract model.

We provide two types of Bulk SMS reseller service

Advantages of Being a Reseller:

You can now earn instant money by choosing to either become a full time or part-timer reseller. You buy message units from Rhizo’s at a wholesale price and then resell them to your customers in a small batch at the price of your choice.

Earn Recurring Monthly Revenues

SMS Text message marketing is huge and you can build an incredible business of recurring monthly revenues by reselling text message marketing services to businesses in your area and across the Globe.

White Label Control

white label mobile marketing reseller program is an ideal option for businesses with the resources available to convert an opportunity into a successful enterprise. When you resell our white label mobile marketing platform, we replace the Rhizo Texting branding with your logos and banners. Your clients will never know they are using Rhizo Texting´s industry-leading platform.

The benefits of our white label mobile marketing reseller program are that you have complete control of the branding, and how your product is used and marketed. You can integrate the platform into an existing application or software, or provide a service using the platform exactly as it is. You can set your own pricing and earn the difference between what you charge your clients and what we charge you.

Your Own Pricing

You set your own pricing, collect your customer payments, generate your own revenue! Complete text message marketing program, white labeled under your own business name, all for one low monthly fee.

Reseller Features

  • Web-Based Interface Allows Access From Anywhere
  • Set Your Own Pricing Points
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Full Statistics and Reporting of Platform Usage
  • Reliable, Flexible, Robust, Commercial-Grade Platform
  • Fast, Easy Campaign Creation
  • Offer a Full Line of Text Messaging Services
  • Text to vote
  • Advanced Group Management
  • Second Level of Keyword Support
  • Cell Phone Originated Group Messaging
  • Message Scheduling (appointment reminders)
  • SMS Forwarding
  • API/Http Forwarding (create your own applications)
  • Customer Management with UNLIMITED Sub-accounts

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