Every Message is an opportunity.

Delight your customers with each one, every time.

Send bulk SMS to hundreds of thousands of people with our bulk SMS marketing platform. With Rhizo, your business can reach its target audience through bulk SMS sending to your marketing list.

Deliver targeted marketing messages to prospects and generate leads for your business, or use our platform to keep in touch with your existing customers. From alerts to marketing messages, our user friendly platform is designed to make bulk SMS delivery a quick and simple process.

With our volume-based pricing, you’ll pay less for each text message the more you send. Start sending your SMS notifications and marketing messages now with our cost effective platform and generate real results for your business.

Types of BULK SMS Service

Advertising SMS Services- Build your segment through the valuable demographic feature you’ll have through Advertising SMS services Standard Criteria.

Location Based SMS- Define as the use of marketing to target mobile users within a certain geographic area to increase effectiveness. A businesses can use location based marketing strategies many different ways.

Our two-way SMS service offers you either a dedicated mobile number or a keyword on one of our existing Short Code numbers which will allow you to receive messages.

Our automated Text-to-Speech call service delivers converted or pre-recorded voice messages via text. voice-based 2FA adds text-to-speech capability to the standard 2FA process, enabling you to place calls and deliver user authentication PINs via voice audio.

Instant and timely engagement with your customers

Our SMS service gets the right message to your target customer groups in
real-time to achieve valuable business outcomes. Popular use cases include:

  • Alerts and notifications
  • Appointments
  • Billing and payments
  • Business communications
  • Competitions
  • Customer campaigns
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Staff rostering

Tap into your customers’ preferences

Customers now prefer to deal with businesses via mobile communications and texting is one of the most popular mobile activities today. Reach your customers the way they want to be reached.

  • 75% of millennials prefer text to calling
  • 70% of consumers prefer SMS as a contact method

Get started with a business text
messaging plan.